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I am not ready….a real reason or an excuse

It is thrilling to love someone with all your heart and be with the same person for all your life. In today’s world, it is hard to find that person. We have noticed how people are leaving one kinship and entering another. Once we meet someone it is difficult to identify whether that person is right for us or not.

Sometimes it is hard to probe whether the person you are dating is agog or fooling around. One is ready for commitment whereas the other is still taking time. Overtime when both are in love, one is bracing the love, whereas the other partner is not sure. Hence the partner with doubt hesitates to speak the truth. Possibilities of awkward behavior arise and both end up fighting and judgmental.

Both will have a great physical kinship, but do not have soul-stirring closeness. They are ready to have fun together, but they are not willing to stay committed.

If you encounter such a phase in your life, please follow some tips which may help you reach out and connect well.

1. Write in a letter or paper whatever is in your heart and mind. Discuss those things with your partner, that way you can figure out what is working and not working.

2. Spend more time together. If you are in different cities, I would suggest you both talk for at least an hour a day. Also, you can plan to watch movies or any shows together on “Rave”. You can also play some games on “QuizUp” that will build a great bonding.

3. Ask the questions like what are your plans and what outlook you have and how you picture your ideal partner.

4. Be a part of each other’s hobbies that way you both will learn something new.

5.Try to be neutral with emotions. Sometimes it is not about right or wrong. it’s best to let out whatever is in your heart rather than keeping it to yourself.

6. Surprise each other. Do something unexpected to cheer up or order favorite food for each other. Watch romantic or funny content to make your day better.

7. We are busy building our careers, looking after family and hanging around friends. We get caught in the open loops. Sometimes a simple meme, GIF and “I miss you” text can make others feel better.

8. Always ask than assume. Ask doubts you have. Assumptions will create bitterness in your kinship. No one can read your mind, and the quote “I know you” will only work for a few days or months. For a reality check, it is better to discuss than to assume.

I hope the above benefits and makes your life better with time. Be happy and positive. Remember, doubts will destroy your courtship. Be wise with your decisions.
Don’t look for perfection and support each other regardless of a bad day or a good day, in the end, things will be fine.

Do comment below if you have tips that have helped you in your life. Stay Safe. Stay Home.

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