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A day to celebrate for our HERO – Happy Father’ Day

Our bonding with our fathers is different from what we have with our mothers. We love them but we can’t express to them with the same affection and love that we have in our hearts.

From childhood, we have seen our fathers have made so much contribution to our lives. I will not exaggerate but I will say that no one can love us more than he does.

My father and I have a unique bond, we have a generation gap though. We have different perspectives with regards to lifestyle, food, movies etc.

We argue, we fight, we love, we stay together intact. Regardless of how worse the situation he has taught me to never give up. He have taught me to always smile and stay grounded.

We have different perspectives on everything but that does not stop me to share anything to him.

Things he taught me which I will remember for whole life-

  • Savings are important and useful asset in need
  • Don’t be a slave of bad habit
  • Never ask your friends how much they earn that will demotivate them
  • Never judge people you never know their stories
  • Whenever stuck ask for help after all you are a human
  • Family comes first
  • “ME TIME” is important too
  • Fight for what you deserve and never settle for less
  • Be a music lover it helps to calm your nerves( PS: He loves music a lot and his morning begins with listening to Caravan)


For a daughter a father is her first LOVE

For a son a father is his first IDOL

For a wife a husband is her WORLD

A day will never be enough to measure his sacrifices and his love for his family. Lets make him proud for what he have invested in us. I am proud to have a loving father.


Do drop your Dad’s best advices which have help you in life.

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