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“How I accepted the socially unacceptable behavior”

Have you ever felt that you do not belong in this world full of competencies?
Have you ever felt that you do not belong in this world full of comparing?
Have you ever felt that whenever you socialize with people you think you are the odd one?

I have to say “YES” is the answer.
I find myself in a situation where people welcome me, but I lose myself while having a conversation. I find them lamenting about life, gossiping about other’s lifestyles.

When you try to stand out as different, people will give you a title as “oddball”, take it as a positive and move on.

You will never fit in the society’s norms. They will measure your choices from a different perspective. When you know the truth, the choices you make can either leave a good impact on you or may lead you to failure. People will test you at every stage of life.

Whether you choose to complete your graduation or drop out of college. Whether you pursue your dream job of 9 to 5 or follow your passion. Whether you decide to get married or wish to stay single.

I was honest with my opinions but then I realized people want to hear what they have in their minds. Once I realized this, I started feeling that I was unacceptable; I felt left out; I do not belong anywhere. I wanted to discuss a lot about books, life problems, psychology, mutual funds. Did not want to limit me to limited topics. Did not want to take polls on which nail paint and lipstick brand I should use. Did not want to take pieces of advice on which dating app is the best.

When I presented my opinion, either people used to laugh out at me thinking I am a nerd or I am some life coach expertise.
I changed my perception and accepted it. I stand out different and I do not want to please anyone, neither I wanted someone to give me a thumbs up nor thumbs down. If you have come across a situation, take a chill pill, you do not have to fit all over, all you need is to accept yourself. Whenever you are socializing, ensure you are with the people who carry the same vibes. People who want to know you, who want to know your opinions and do not hang out for entertainment.

P.S. Surrounding yourself with the wrong people will leave a negative impact. It is best to carry a positive vibe and shine out as a single rather than shadowing someone else.

Kindly drop a comment and share your opinions if you have faced the similar situation.

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