Love and Relationships

Important lessons I learnt from my failed past relationship.

It is a virtue to have someone in your life whom you can love unconditionally. It sounds good in a novel. In reality, life is different. You meet people who love you but can’t be with you; then you meet people you love the most; they leave you unexpectedly.

Not everyone you meet has the correct intentions for you. Some will enjoy with you until they dont find someone better than you. It’s important to realise that people are temporary. Relationships dont come with guarantees and warranties. You are fortunate enough if you have the right kind of person. If you haven’t met the right person yet, then you have to have patience.

Some important lessons I will share from my failed past relationship.

  • Don’t give everything at once: When you open yourself and put everything on a plate, it is easy for your partner. They stop making the efforts because they know everything about you. Be mysterious in your ways, be unpredictable, let them make some efforts to notice the real essence of you.
  • Put yourself first: You don’t have to be selfish. When it comes to love, we put our partner’s needs first. You have your life as an individual, your goals, your family. It’s good to make some adjustments in your routine so that you can both spend time together. When you are always available, they take it for granted.
  • You are the owner of your happiness: No one that means no one can make you happy. Don’t be dependent on your partner to make you happy, or don’t give that remote control in their hands. Your partner can be a part of your happiness, but they are not the only ones who can make you happy.
  • Be upfront: If something is bothering you about your partner’s behavior towards you. If they take you for granted or if they are making you feel worthless. If they are treating you like shit, you have to be upfront. Never tolerate such behavior from your partner. Such incidents empower your partner, who continues to mistreat you.
  • Self-worth is everything: There is a great saying, ” Dignity will only happen when you realize that having someone in your life doesn’t endorse your worth”. Someone’s presence or absence shouldn’t make you less or more worthy. Know your worth, don’t allow someone to nullify it.
  • Never settle for less: There are times when we make adjustments. We know that not everyone is the same. We realize that perspectives, lifestyles, goals, everything changes from person to person. Look for someone who shares the same moral values. Someone willing to put the same effort as you do. Someone who waits to talk to you. Someone who wants to spend time with you. Never settle for something less. You deserve the best. You deserve the love. You deserve someone who can make you an integral part of your life. Someone who considers you a support system. Someone who is your friend and someone who loves you from the bottom of their heart.

Do drop in comments about your lessons from a relationship.

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