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Why friendly relationships with parents are helpful in life

Parents are our constants in life; whether we are teenagers, adults, or at any stage of life. We need our parents’ guidance and support. A friendly relationship with parents helps us develop emotional and social development. strengthening amicable relationships with our parents shapes us to be better people.

My mother is my best friend. We cherish a great relationship that has shaped me into a better person. I share most of the things with her. My crush, my friends, my career choices, decisions that bother me, every little thing.

I will highlight the reasons friendly relations with parents are helpful.

  1. Constant guidance: We will always receive their guidance despite being young or old. Our parents know us better than we know ourselves; they will contribute the best opinions.
  2. Constructive Feedback: Sharing your opinion will help you in gaining constructive feedback. They will help you in becoming the best person.
  3. Empathic: You will be empathic when you see your parents growing old in front of you. They will be more caring when they see your transformation into an adult.
  4. Expressing Love: Our parents love to express their love towards us. The most important lesson teaches us unconditional love and the least expectations.
  5. Developing rituals: A family who eats together stays together. Our tummy fills up full when we eat together with them. A meal full of laughter, joy and emotions helps us connect with them.
  6. Building a distraction-free environment: Parents will create a distraction-free environment for us. It will increase focus on studies, creativity, establishing good habits.
  7. Best Secret-keeper: They will never break our secret conversations to someone. They understand our feelings and emotions and will try to hide in the best possible way.

They are our first friends, who play with us. The first teacher that teaches us everything in life. Our confidant, support system and whatnot.

They will guide us to fight for our rights. Guiding us on the correct path to follow. They will forgive us despite making uncountable mistakes.

Do you also have a friendly parent-child relationship?

7 thoughts on “Why friendly relationships with parents are helpful in life”

  1. I fully agreed with the facts expressed on account of parents. We obseve their devotion,sacrifice, sincere love and affection daily. They serve their children whole the life but don’t demand any remuneration. The role being played by the parents cannot be explained in words.

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    1. Yes, my mom was always my best friend and she is still my best friend. Also, she had put the same efforts to know us and gel up with our thoughts. Of course, there will be differences of opinion but if you and your parents are friendly you both can work together with transparency 😊


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