Inspiration and Motivation

How reading and writing helps me stay calm and content

Do books bring more happiness to your life?
Do writing helps you feel content?
Do you think books are better than humans?

Let’s give a high five to each other. Welcome to my club!

As a kid, books always fascinated me. The pictures, stories, characters, morals, everything brought curiosity to my mind.

My father narrated kings and queens stories in our childhood days. As a kid, my first storybook was Hansel and Gretel.

I enjoyed the siblings bond and adored their stay in the house made of cake and pastries. My brother and I wished the same, we imagined living in that house but of course not with the witch.

Reading has always shaped me into a better person. While there are lots of people who say reading is boring, books are boring, how can you read these books, the answer to the question is you have never come across the books that fascinated you or you might have stumbled upon the book that didn’t encourage you or never brought the zeal to your mind.

In my school days, I read Chetan Bhagat books and never explored much into the reading zone. I was content reading a little. During my college days, I came across the book “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”, it was hilarious and that’s when my reading got better and I started reading books of Indian authors like Durjoy Dutta, Ravinder Singh, Nikita Singh, I was so engrossed with the characters, they were so impressive that I felt why can’t I meet people they write in books.

My writing journey started in 2010-2011. My roomie and I were big fans of Vampire Diaries. We watched it like mad fellows. It increased our dopamine where engineering increased our adrenaline.

While watching the vampire diaries, I saw Elena writing Diary, writing her thoughts, feelings etc. I loved that and started implementing the same.  It was such a buoyant experience writing everything in a diary and slowly diary became my best friend.

I wrote my goals, my experiences, my happiness, my sadness, heartbreaking stories and whatnot. When I go back and read I feel somewhat silly but it gives me immense happiness. When you jot down your feelings your diary listens to them without judging you, when you share your happiness, your diary preserves those memories and you can revisit them. When you write heartbreaking stories, you can tear them apart if you want to.

Writing will ease your mind; it will ease out your mind as you will write your thoughts, it will decrease your anxiety.

Reading will always open your window of thoughts, you will become kind, generous, understand the world. You will live different lives, you will travel to different cities sitting in the same place. You will fall in love with different characters, you will hate some of them.

When people told me self help or non-fiction books are boring, I don’t think they have shifted their mindset. They might be very rigid, lazy or don’t want to grow. I feel self-help books are for your inner growth, it makes you productive, brings positivity, helps you change your habits.

If you want to start reading and want to make a habit start reading at least 1 chapter daily. If you want to start writing then write at least one thought in your diary and then follow the same for at least a week and I bet you will fall in love with reading and writing.

Drop your comments below when you started reading, which was your first book?

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