How to find the building blocks for better transformation

Are you tired of following all the tips and hacks for transformation?
Are you willing to transform but don’t know from where to start?
Are you finding it hard to find the answers?

Our strength is our ability to change. Don’t limit yourself and find the building blocks for transformation.
The building blocks will help you to overcome the mental block. They will help in building a new mindset.
Let us see the building blocks one by one. Let’s come together and work on the transformation with simple steps.

I use the simple steps and call them VITALS.

V – Vision and Values
I – Interests
T – Thoughts and Actions
A – Activities
L – Life mission and meaningful goals
S – Strengths and Skills

V – Vision and Value: What are your values? What is it that brings value to your life? Write your answers in a section under Vision and Value. For example, investing in hobbies, spending time with like-minded people, living an adventurous life, practicing a self-care routine, whatever comes to your mind, note them down. Create a vision of your future, adding these values. Detoxify your fantasies and dreams. Write down your field of vision and think of it as if those values are not in your life, how awful it will be and think of it as if those values are there, how beautiful it is!

I – Interests: What are your interests? Whom do you follow in your life? Do they have similar interests? What kind of interests do you have? Is it reading a book? Is it cooking a delicious meal? Is it shopping the latest fashion trends? Is it blogging? Is it travelling? Is it watching your favorite web series? Is it listening to a podcast? Is it watching a stand-up comedian? Well, I am not reading your mind. It sounds easy, but when you write them, you will have at least 10 of them. So you need to write down the top five which comes to your mind for better answers. For instance, you can consider travelling, food, blogging, YouTubing, reading.

T – Thoughts and Actions: Is it easy to remember your thoughts? Is it easy to capture all of them while working, eating, sleeping, listening to music? Of course, NO. When you acknowledge your thoughts, you need to concede them into actions and those actions into goals. Our thoughts are the reflection of our mind, body and soul. Our thoughts speak the language of what we feed to ourselves. If you consume good food, good vibes, you will have a positive approach towards life. When toxic people consume your energy, you don’t have any positivity. The negative self-talk also limits your thoughts and stops you from executing them into actions.

A – Activities: What kind of activities makes you happiest? Is it exercising? Is it painting? It is not the engrossments but the activities you perform daily to keep yourself balanced. Activities and Interests are different things. Activities like meditation, going for a walk, journaling, affirming positivity, talking to a community, all those things which is a part of your routine, where you can be yourself, where you can be vulnerable, where you don’t judge yourself. Bringing that self-awareness is itself an activity. Learning new skills is an activity. List out all the activities and find which ones are meaningful, which ones are not. Try to drop the ones which seem inconsequential.

L – Life mission and meaningful goals: Ask yourself these three questions before answering your life mission and meaningful goals.
What am I doing to achieve my goals?
What is my life without those goals?
What should I do to achieve them?
Taking baby steps to achieve your goals daily is itself a start to do a mission. You don’t have to decide everything at this moment. You have to find out meaningful ways to achieve meaningful goals. Now, you must be thinking, what is a meaningful goal? A meaningful goal is always achievable; it is not a fantasy; it is something you want that seems to serve the purpose of your life. Your life mission should be living a happy life, succeeding in everything you have put your heart and soul into. Even if you fail, you should not regret it because the mission is about facing all the challenges and overcoming them with pride.

S – Strengths and Skills:
Strengths and Skills are like salt and pepper in our life. Answer these questions before you start concluding.
What are my strengths and weakness?
What skills do I have, and how can I upskill myself?
How can I overcome my weakness by using strength?
What skills should I have to be the best version of myself?
Our strengths are sometimes our weaknesses too. We all have so many skills; we are unsure of implementing them. We fear the failures and consequences in our minds. We spent our time and money without thinking twice about things that are not satisfying our long-term goals. Our skills to do our goals sometimes needs upskilling. If you invest in yourself, you are investing in your better future. If you overcome your weakness by using your strength, you have already won half battle. Recognize your strengths and skills. Create a short term goal using them and set a deadline to achieve it; if you achieve that goal, you can prop another goal and continue it until it becomes your habit.

These building blocks are the easiest and simplest steps if you follow them and put in place them in your life. The transformation will help you to achieve goals; you will be more mindful. You will start noticing the changes in a month, and you will find the best version of yourself.

P.S. Don’t rush into the race, build your life on your own pace.

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