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How rejections can lead you on the journey of achievements in your life?

“A rejection is nothing more than a necessary step in the pursuit of success.” – Bo Bennett.

Do you often feel disappointed when you face rejection?
Do you think why rejection is difficult to face?

Rejection is a word taught to us as a curse. We often feel that rejection is the end of life, and there will be no more opportunities. Rejection leads to disappointment; it is neither a curse nor a boon; it is a phase of life!

Now you must be thinking about how rejections can lead to achievements? Let me tell you, be it in your career or personal life, refusal is necessary.

Rejection is necessary for human experience – If we don’t face rejection, we will never do better. We will build a mindset that we are doing the best, and we will stop making efforts. We will never improve ourselves, thinking we are the best and we know all the mantras of success in life, and now we can release a formula on how to achieve success without failing.

Rejection means another opportunity – There is a saying, “Rejection is the sand in the oyster, the irritation that ultimately produces the pearl.” Rejection brings frustration, disappointment, sadness; it breaks your heart and mind. You keep thinking about what you should have done uniquely, that you don’t have to face rejection. When you dig deeper, it will help you to find those answers leading you into the capabilities of trying more. It will help you discover your potential of doing things that you never considered doing earlier. Your ideas and solutions will be more reliable than you thought in the past.

Rejection brings PATIENCE – It is apparent for many of us to get impatient when we fail. We lose our patience; we think of all the shortcuts we can put in place to achieve success. It is not going to happen. You have to believe in yourself; you have to have patience. You have to understand that great things take time. Patience is the key to heal your negative thoughts. When you have peace of mind, your ideas and execution will be better. Patience also brings clarity in life; you can’t rush and compete with someone else because they are more successful than you. Everyone starts from zero because they know the journey will take them to infinity.

Rejection means a better version – You become a better version when you face rejection in your love life or career life. You focus on improving yourself. You upskill yourself; you look for better approaches. Your working style changes, your thought processes change. When you meet someone, you are not skeptical about yourself. You are more confident; you know what brings you to the table now. You feel more energetic; you notice the changes. You receive appreciation in whatever you do. You are more focused; you are optimistic and motivated.

Rejection means looking for a better approach – After completing my graduation, I struggled to get a good job. It was not easy to face rejections in all the interviews. It was the tiring process of preparations, answering the same questions again and again. Then one day, I realized that I was preparing in the wrong way. I started from zero and tried a different methodology. I appeared for interviews again. After almost one and a half years, I was able to crack the interview. You have to visualize in different directions. You have to do a root cause analysis. If you start questioning Why this happened? Why it took so much time to answer this question? Why the answer went wrong? Why am I failing to answer such questions? Once you do the root cause analysis, it will help you to get a better picture.

Rejection means getting stronger – It makes you strong enough than you have ever thought. I faced rejection in a relationship, and I faced depression; I fought it. At that moment, I never realised that rejection could impact a lot that I would go under depression. I thought I was strong enough to face the consequences, but I was wrong. In the end, you are a human, you have your resistance point, and it is not easy to face the world with so many questions hanging around. I felt like I should disappear somewhere; no one should question me, but cladding the reality was only the option, and today I can say that I grew impregnable. What if I failed? I learned a lesson. I met a better version of myself. I have comprehensible aspects of what I want to do in life and how to achieve them. If I never faced rejection, I would never learn all of it.

Rejection is reevaluating yourself – Reevaluating your goals, your strengths, your weaknesses. Never think you are not enough. Also, refusal means that you need some reevaluation of yourself. You might have never considered those earlier, but now it’s high time for you to reevaluate and make the changes. When you concentrate on your goals, reaching out to correct people, making mindset changes. It is a process where you are growing without losing anything. It is painful sometimes to convince yourself that other people opinions should not affect you much. Naturally, we rely a lot on rejections without taking them positively and moving on in our lives.

P.S. If you take your rejections positively, it will help you in achieving success. It will change your life for good and not for the unfortunate.

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