Love and Relationships

Does Love And Relationship Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Are you someone who feels Love is Stupid?
Are you someone who feels Relationships make you insane?
Do you feel love make people feel silly?

While someone always feels silly and stupid in a romantic relationship, others think it is obvious to feel that way. Certain electricity passes to your brain, and you perceive what kind of magic it is.

What is Love? Love is all about losing yourself and finding a new version of yourself with someone. It is all about that craziness that drives you insane. It makes your heart lighter; a small cute text from your partner glitters your day. You laugh alone, reminiscing your lovey-dovey moments. People look at you like you have come from a different planet. You are always thinking about your partner. You are always planning to celebrate your anniversaries. You love the surprises, and you love the idea of romanticizing your relationship.

You love to wear the best dress on your dates. You try to be authentic, funny and a bit silly. From discussing your favorite Netflix shows to finding out your favorite dream travel stories, you imagine spending time.
When you narrate all your imagination to your friends, they will label you as a stupid person. Don’t you think it is ok to feel stupid? Don’t you think it is ok to walk that extra mile for someone you love a little extra than yourself?

Your body notices all the physical changes – You start taking care of yourself, you lose that extra pound to look the best. You shop for the best dresses. Also, sometimes you begin trying beauty products that you never picked up earlier.

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Avoid mixing love and lust – Loneliness is not your enemy. You can explore yourself when you are alone. People often misunderstand love and lust. They jump from one relationship to another and realize that it was lust and not love. Choose before you jump into any relationship. Don’t put yourself in misery. If you choose the wrong person, whether it is friendship or relationship will make you doubt yourself.

Psychological facts – Study shows that when you are in love, it releases certain chemicals that are like drug addictions. Love is addictive and turns you dumb as well. Don’t be blind. Be wise when you choose your partner. Love dampens our cognitive functioning. It is hard to focus on your work. It occupies a lot of mental space; it is hard to take off your mind.

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When you are young and naïve – It is likely to feel more stupid and act silly when you are young and innocent. Once you strike a certain age, you will feel less stupid. Every movie dialogue, every character, everything near you makes you imagine that person.

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Early-stage of relationship – At the beginning of every relationship, things are fresh for you to act all silly. Once you get past this stage, you will step into a more stable relationship. You feel safe and secure, experiencing not at the beginning of the relationship.

Sometimes it is destructive – While some people say that silliness should be present in your love and relationship. Some say it can be devastating if you take a serious step without on the matter. Take a step back and reflect on your thoughts. Feeling silly can be ok sometimes, but not every time can be supporting.

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Every time saying I love this and I love that – It is ok to present your opinion. You don’t have to keep on ranting that you love everything. Your partner may be perfect in everything. It is ok to disagree and have your opinions too.

Conclusion: Don’t be stupid enough that people fool you. Acting silly all the time can be destructive. Be wise and choose your love life. Don’t try to make your relationship perfect. Keep it organic

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