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Things I realised in my 30’s that I wish I could understand in my 20’s

A few days back I was watching the web series Masaba Masaba season 2. I loved Masaba’s acting, she is very natural actor and it seemed so flawless when she acted. Also, there was a scene in the last episode where she says a dialogue which just got stuck with me and I kind of introspected a bit on it.

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When you are in your 30’s you will definitely know the difference between love and attraction. In 30’s you want someone who can understand you, who is calm and patient with you. In your 20’s all you look for is those feelings like butterflies in your stomach when you see someone, it’s mostly about attraction. You get kind of confused in that phase and there is a thin line between love and attraction which almost gets dissolved in your 20’s.

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In your 30’s you will understand who is genuine and who is just trying to fool you around. You will have healthy boundaries and you won’t even take a second of bullshit from anyone. Basically you will know the difference between a fuckboy and a gentleman – this is for women. You will know who is goldigger and supportive women – for men. I am not biased here just sharing a perception. Ouch! I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings but we know we live in a world where people are not bad but they are not true with their intentions and that hurts genuine people.

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In your 30’s you avoid drama, loud music, no bullshitting at all. You focus on your work, you stick to that one friend who understands you rather than people pleasing or even finding new friendships because you know your type and you know how much peace you love. You draw a line between personal and professional work. You realise you don’t have to put everything on social media. You know that not every trend is for you, instead you try to be as authentic as you are.

In your 20’s you are still figuring out the world, you need all external validation, you are mostly concerned about what others are doing around you and without acknowleding what you truly want and what you truly deserve you get lost in the race. In your 30’s you know how to play the game because you realise there is no race. Period. In your 30’s you mostly focus on sleep, your growth, your goals, your personal development, your family and you build strong relationship with your mentors.

In your 20’s you have this fantasies of being the queen or king in your life whereas in your 30’s you don’t want to have any labels, you just stick to be yourself, you care less about what people think and you have this attitude of ‘Fuck that! I’ll do it’. I am so happy that I realised all these lessons in my 30’s but I don’t regret my 20’s because you become wise, when you are silly. You only stay true to yourself, when you realise how fake people are around you. You only do things you love, when you realise life is all about worrying less and doing more of what you love.

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P.S. 30’s is all about evolving, getting wiser, staying a bit silly and not giving a damn to what others think.

Let me know in the comments what all lessons you have learnt in your 30’s which you think you could realise in your 20’s

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