Love and Relationships

Love is Love…It comes in different forms. Do you agree?

These days I am spending some of my time watching the webseries because I see a lot of stories on Instagram and I feel like atleast I should give it a shot without being judgemental.

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Okay so to start with I was watching this series called “The Indian Matchmaking Season 2”. I have watched season 1 as well and when you are in your thirties, you always try to look what other people of your age or in thirties are expecting in their partner. When I was watching the season 2, I felt that many of the prospects were not ready to settle down for less. They never used any words or phrases like I need someone who is perfect or I want a Cindrella Love Story. The word that caught my mind was “I am Good Enough” to not settle down for anything less, I did a lit bit of introspection on myself. What if someone asks me what type of woman I am and what type of partner I am looking for?

No! No! Don’t worry I am not going to write that I am a blah blah kind of woman and I am looking for a blah blah type of man. The one thing I learnt so far in my life is that perfection is an overrated word. Perfection is an illusion. No one on this entire planet or universe is perfect. Everyone has good things and everyone has flaws. To cover up, you should know what you can serve others when you set out the expectations while looking for a partner. If you are looking for someone who is ready for commitment, ask yourself are you ready to do the same. If you are looking for someone to be an open-minded person, ask yourself are you ready to have the growth mindset.

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You can only find someone who is honest and vulnerable when you are also ready to show that side of yours. On one of those nights, I was having a conversation with my 3 AM friend about love and relationships. One of the most fascinating thing about Love is it comes in different forms, not only in relationships but in friendships too. Love is not always about conforting each other but also being able to understand each other from the place of empathy and not judgement. Also, love is never about comparing each other’s journey, it’s about supporting each other’s dreams and valuing the most underrated thing which is having that vulnerability to show each other the hidden parts that we tend to hide from the world.

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Love is not about having a romantic date and dressing for each other, it’s about sharing that unfiltered snaps and being okay with silences. Sharing silence with someone is also a love language. My love language maybe caring for someone, sending that person a good morning or good night text, it might be checking on someone and asking how their day has been. My love language might be sharing memes and tagging that person in random posts. Love comes in our lives not only to make us feel special but also to make us feel secure. Love is about protecting and making sure that your special friend or best friend or whomsoever is okay. Love is about knowing that no matter how far you both are but when you reunite there is no awkwardness. Love is about listening to a song and finding those lyrics which relates a lot to you and you can’t wait to share with that one person where that person will not question you anything but will simply smile.

Sometimes love is knowing that you both will never end up together and you are comfortable with the truth but you still choose to continue your journey with that person because you both know that being with each other feels home.

Do you have that person who brings love in your life with whom you are not in relationship?

P.S. Love is not always about telling them how much you care about them but sometimes also hiding from them and staying silent for a while.

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