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10 self care ideas to try when you are burnout

When I was browsing something my eye caught an attention to one article about self-care. I introspected my own life and came up with some amazig self-care ideas that will help you when you are burnout.

There are pillars of self-care which helps us to understand our environment. It helps us to define our emotional, mental as well as physical health.

What is burnout?

According to WHO – burnout means an occupational phenomenon. In simple terms, when you are taking care of others, when you are too occupied. When you are keeping yourself occupied without realising that you don’t have energy. You feel exhausted.

Signs of the burnout:

1. Difficulty in concentrating

2. Losing sight of your goals

3. Difficulty keeping relationship with yourself and your loved ones

4. Increase in mood swings

5. No enthusiasm left to work

6. Self-esteem and low self-confidence

7. Feeling of detachment from everything

What are self-care pillars and how they impact our environment?

  1. Mental – If we focus on our mental wellbeing, we will never feel exhausted. Taking pauses between your work is the ideal way.

2. Physical – Give your body the right food. Plan your diet. Plan your day. Get a good sleep.

3. Emotional – Create some self-care affirmations and stick it your desk or put it on your desktop or phone. Listen to the song that uplifts your soul.

4. Environmental – Clean your space. Shift your desk and have a different space for different purpose. For those who are working from home, make sure you have a different desk for work.

5. Spiritual – Perform a tree pose. It’s purpose is to stand still, remain grounded and still grow. Meditate when you feel like scrolling social media.

6. Social – Go on a solo date or visit the places you have made in your wishlist. Call your friend or take part in the activities where you get a chance to meet new people.

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Ways to do self-care:

1. Build a self-care tracker.

2. Avoid social media when you feel bored

3. Take a walk after every 30 minutes

4. Have an attitude of Gratitude

5. Prepare ‘Thank You’ Notes and send it to your loved ones

6. Write a letter to yourself and pat your shoulder

7. Follow 3-2-1 rule. Eat healthy before three hours of sleep. Finish your work before two hours of sleep and avoid your mobile before 1 hour of sleep.

8. Place your favourite photo near the mirror and look at the smile

9. Observe something and write down everything you noticed

10. Prepare a new DIY Face Mask and try something new for the first time

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Self-Care Joural Ideas:

When in doubt take a pen and paper.

1. Create a list of things that makes you happy. People, place, things. Note down each of them.

2. Things you love about yourself. Your traits, your habits, your music playlist, anything which comes to your mind.

3. Gratitude Log – Write name of the five people who will always love you and accept you

4. Brain dump – Keep on writing your feelings until you feel relaxed.

5. Self-Care questions to ask:

1. Where do I waste my time and energy?

2. What is stopping me to take care of myself?

3. What can I add in my self-care routine?

4. What makes me happy and relaxed?

5. Which habits are not helping me to feel better?

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Self Care Vision Board

How to create a self-care vision board.

I always create a vision board every month. I add my emotional and pyschological mood. I add symbols. I add numbers. I add the places that resonates me.

Make a collage of it and stick it somehwere visible to you and then look at it when you feel disturbed. I also add my favourite colour, my favourite player.

How to maintain the self-care activities?

1. Identify the stress pointers

2. Talk with someone who is trustworthy

3. Every week give yourself a no-social media day

4. Stick to your hobbies

5. Fall in the art of doing nothing for a couple of hours every weekend

6. Decorate your space or declutter your space

7. Light a candle and sit in silence. Look at the candle and note down how you feel

8. Take 5 minutes of break and do deep breathing

9. Try a new recipe or call your unpaid therapist

10. Make space for new things and let go of the beliefs, people and habits that no longer serve you.

Self-care Accountability:

1. Create a group with your friends and post your self-care ideas

2. Document your wins of the week

3. Create before and after self-care moods

Self-Care Ritual:

I always light a candle every Friday and cleanse my energy.

1. Morning Self-Care Ritual: Exercise. Water your plants.

2. Afternoon Self-Care Ritual – Sending Thank You note to your loved ones

3. Evening Self-Care Ritual: Take a walk. Journal. Look in the mirror

4. Night Self-Care Ritual: Sleep affirmations. Night Meditation. Self-care podcast. Read a book.


Don’t burnout yourself. Find out a balance. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Set small goals and take action each day. Don’t burden yourself if you feel like taking a break.

Seek out for help whenever you feel lost. Self-care is never about being selfish. It’s about watering yourself to keep your environment healthy. It’s about looking after yourself so you can be happy. It’s about living your life and thriving each day.

It’s about creating memories and not living in your head. Let go of the things and make space for things that you want in your life. Become your best version.

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