About Me

Zeel Chapaneri

Zeel – it means Lake, I am not opposite of my name. I am calm and low-key but deeply spiritual and wild with imaginations.

A sneak peak into my book:

“In the question paper of life, sometimes you are the answer and sometimes you become the question.”

The story is about Aarohi, a girl next door whose search for a guy next door takes her to a rollercoaster ride and in the end, she is left wondering, ‘Is this the end?’

Aarohi and Charvi, two minds, one heart. If Aarohi is Maggie, then Charvi is her Magic Masala. What happens when masala changes home? Would the Maggie still have magic?

When Aarohi meets Nirant, she finds a true friend in him not knowing her friendship will not last forever. Nirant on other hand is in utter shock when the unexpected events happen and is left with no choice.

Samarth comes as a cool breeze in Aarohi’s life. Her crossroads finally get the signposts with his guidance. Samarth, a man who is epitome of integrity, loves to view life with the lens of photography and captures the good and not-so-good moments. A self-made man, with a cushioned job for bread and butter and cricket to keep him alive.

When he meets Aarohi, his life takes a U-turn. In between never and forever they walk together not knowing of the consequences destiny throws at them.

A tale of loving, unloving and evolving that makes us question our beliefs about friendship, love, marriage and family.

As a deep conversational person, I couldn’t stop talking to my protagonists – Aarohi & Samarth. A tiny letters to both of them.

Dear Aarohi,

You are naive, you have a chaotic mind, you have realised your worth very lately, you are not mean to anyone but you have a trait of saying things upfront. You give chances to people who don’t deserve you and you keep neglecting your instincts which turn your life upside down. I know you are strong, I know you hide your emotions, I know you are struggling when it comes to expressing yourself. For you, what always mattered was to make others happy even when you aren’t happy. It’s high time you realise that self-love comes first and accept reality rather than staying in the bubble of imagination.

Dear Samarth,

You have been through a lot in your life, your struggles are your milestones in achieving everything you have today. You seek love from the one whom you love to the core, while growing and evolving together, priorities change and so everything changes for you. You crave for that love and you find the reflection of the love from someone who wasn’t meant for you. Thank you for guiding her and thank you for letting her choose you besides many hurdles. Thank you for playing different roles, you have been living multiple lives in a single life, making sure no one gets hurt but the one who hurts you is the one who leaves you without saying much.